From The Garden is Closing Our Doors

From The Garden is sad to announce that our last day of business will be Sunday, September 2nd. We've had a lot of time and a lot of factors to go over when thinking about making this decision and we are confident at this point in our story that we are making the right choice. We are well aware this will come as a shock and a disappointment to many of you. What we want most in this time of transition is to honor what we have said to those of you in the past regarding any orders or season specific products.

If you have been calling and asking when Paw Paw fruit will be ready we will be more than happy to accomodate you, simply email or facebook message us to inquire about purchasing some and we can figure something out.

If you have made favor orders: Your orders are still in the queue and will be honored as they were ordered, nothing about your favor order changes in light of this decision.

If you still are looking for From The Garden honey: We will be providing what we can to our wholesale clients while supplies last.

Thank you so very much for your business in the past. We hope you have enjoyed your time coming to visit us and we also hope to see you in this week before the shop closes.

Spicy Honey Is Here

We recently released a new type of honey. We've infused our traditional wildflower honey with habanero pepper flakes to make a nice sweet honey with just a bit of a kick. Stop into our shop and pick some up, or if you're unsure if it's something you'd like, try it before you buy it. Samples will be made available, just ask! Quantities are limited, but we do plan on having more in the near future. 


Upcoming Events: Spring Fling 2018 & Easter Egg Hunt

Hey there, Honey Friends! We've got a few big events coming up real soon and we want to tell you all about them! If you're familiar with our shop you'll know we like to kick off farmer's market season with our annual spring fling event and rest assured the spring fling is going to be on! Stop by Sunday April 8th between 10am-4pm. All of our regular vendors are going to be at the event and a few more new ones as well so don't miss out!

slring flyer.png

Another event we've got coming up is our first ever Easter Egg Hunt! On Saturday March 31st we're going to open a section of our fruit tree orchard for kids age 1-10 to come and hunt for hidden Easter eggs. The hunt is going on at 12 noon but get here a bit early so that everyone can get settled in before the hunt kicks off. We hope to see you all there!

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2018 is here!

We all are super excited to be done with the holiday season. I'm sure a lot of you are wondering just what to do with yourselves now that all the shopping, cookie eating and general reverie is over and done with. Well we just wanted to take a moment of how From The Garden can help you in 2018 with whatever your new years resolutions call for. 

1: Eat Healthier - Honey is a great alternative to the typical sweeteners that you come across when making some of your favorite dishes. It also has a ton of health benefits including preventing allergies come spring time. There's no better time to start preparing for seasonal allergies than now. Another helpful way that honey can make a healthier "You" in 2018 is by combining apple cider vinnegar, honey and warm water once a day. Some of the health benefits include lowering of cholesterol, acne and blood sugar. In addition From The Garden has plenty of other products in our store that are a healthy alternative to the typical winter foods that you may be overstuffed with come spring time when you're wondering what happened to that resolution you made back in January


2: Be More Mindful - One of the great things about shopping at From The Garden is no matter what you get from us, you're shopping local. Shopping local is a great way to focus on your community and make for a more mindful presence in your day to day life. Between our locally made candles, soaps, sauces, coffee, spices and more, whenever you shop at From The Garden, you are supporting a local small business entrepreneur and making for a stronger more vibrant community. 


3: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone - We love meeting new customers who come in and say "I've driven past this place a zillion times and finally decided to see for myself." It truly warms our heart to hear that sheer curiosity gets people coming down our driveway, and if you find yourself this year saying "I want to do more things I don't normally do" then we are more than happy to oblige. We know we're a bit off the beaten path and frankly we like it that way. We love the look of wonder some of our customers get in their face when they come through the door. So get off the beaten path, come to our shop and see where curiosity in 2018 can take you. 

We're all so happy to be entering a New Year of new possibilities, and we hope to see you all soon. 

The 2017 Holiday Bazaar is on!

christmas Flyer.png

We are very excited to announce our 5th annual Holiday Bazaar! It's become an annual tradition where we open our doors to some of our favorite craft vendors and artisan food makers from around the area to showcase all the great stuff that our area has to offer. We're going to be featuring plenty of familiar faces and some new additions that we'll be mentioning as the days and weeks unfold. Obviously, now that fall is just starting to behave like fall, it seems a bit early to be talking Christmas but we wanted to let all of our friends know nice and early so that they can plan accordingly and not miss out on all the fun. Stay connected to us on Facebook and Instagram for any and all updates about the event.

Online Store Update!

Feel free to browse and purchase any of the items in our online store now. Our online marketplace is open for business, and we ship anywhere in the continential US. 

Spring is Coming!

Hey Gang! 

Despite the ups and downs with the weather lately, one cannot ignore the fact that every day Spring is getting closer and closer. From The Garden will be hosting our Spring Fling event Saturday April 22nd and will be held from 10am-4pm. We are currently building our list of great vendors but we already have some familiar faces who you will be very excited to see. Stay connected for more updates as they develop, we will be posting a full vendor list in the coming weeks. We hope to see everyone there!

Eight Days Until Valentines!

Don't forget your sweet and special someone this week, we have plenty of special gift sets for Valentines day. We can also do custom gift wrapping on all our items such as honey, body scrub, hand cream, soap, candles and more! Stop in during our regular hours this week, hope to see everyone soon.

Its bundling up season and with that comes all the great things we love about winter. We are very happy to announce the fourth annual Holiday Bazzar will be going on at our store in Freehold. It’s going to be held on Sunday December 4th from 10am-4pm and will feature some of your favorite food and craft vendors, as well as a few new friends as well. Check below for our list of vendors. 



It’s going to be a day of fun winter joy and we can't wait to see you all there. Stay connected with us on Facebook, instagram or at our website for more details as they come!