Quite A Busy Weekend!

Hey Gang!

Here's a few bits of information we meant to post last week that we thought you would be interested to hear about. Since it's farmers market season, however we let the weekend get away from us so here's a quick update about what's going on at our shop.

  • Fresh Baked Awesomeness: We're going to be selling baked goods on Saturdays and Sundays from our friends over at Antoinette Boulangerie in Red Bank. If you're familiar with their bakery you already know that everything they bake is filled with delicious craftsmanship and quality ingredients. Now all you have to do to get your hands on some is stop by the shop. Our selection of items is going to be changing so if you're curious about what we have, check out our Facebook Page or give us a call for specifics. 
  • Asbury Fresh: This Sunday was the kickoff day for the Asbury Fresh Farmers Market at Kenedy Park on Cookman Avenue in Asbury. There's a massive selection of vendors ranging from crafts, baked goods, honey (that would be us!) vintage items and more. If you're taking a day at the beach on Sundays this summer be sure to stop by and say hi.

We love keeping busy, and we're very excited now that summer is here! Don't forget to stay connected to find out when we'll have various produce items and cut flowers in the coming weeks.