Patty <

It seems impossible to find any words, let alone the right words, to address the incomprehensible loss of our beloved “honey lady,” Patty Madzin. But, somehow, so many of you have found the right words. We sincerely appreciate each and every message on our website, Facebook post, and phone call. Thank you for sharing your love, sympathies, and memories. Patty holds a very dear place in the hearts of so many of us. It was impossible not to feel special in her presence. It was impossible not to be positively affected by her warmth, kindness, sincerity, and generosity. And it is the most impossible to imagine a world in which she is simply no longer here.

From the Garden is closed for now, but we intend to reopen after the 4th of July. We will update our social media and website with an exact opening date soon. We appreciate your positive thoughts, prayers, patience, and respect for our privacy while we try to process this very difficult loss.

As our friend Holly worded it so perfectly, Patty “was as bright and beautiful as the flowers she so loved, she was busier than the busiest of bees and sweeter than the sweetest honey. She will be missed immensely, remembered fondly and loved always.”