2018 is here!

We all are super excited to be done with the holiday season. I'm sure a lot of you are wondering just what to do with yourselves now that all the shopping, cookie eating and general reverie is over and done with. Well we just wanted to take a moment of how From The Garden can help you in 2018 with whatever your new years resolutions call for. 

1: Eat Healthier - Honey is a great alternative to the typical sweeteners that you come across when making some of your favorite dishes. It also has a ton of health benefits including preventing allergies come spring time. There's no better time to start preparing for seasonal allergies than now. Another helpful way that honey can make a healthier "You" in 2018 is by combining apple cider vinnegar, honey and warm water once a day. Some of the health benefits include lowering of cholesterol, acne and blood sugar. In addition From The Garden has plenty of other products in our store that are a healthy alternative to the typical winter foods that you may be overstuffed with come spring time when you're wondering what happened to that resolution you made back in January


2: Be More Mindful - One of the great things about shopping at From The Garden is no matter what you get from us, you're shopping local. Shopping local is a great way to focus on your community and make for a more mindful presence in your day to day life. Between our locally made candles, soaps, sauces, coffee, spices and more, whenever you shop at From The Garden, you are supporting a local small business entrepreneur and making for a stronger more vibrant community. 


3: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone - We love meeting new customers who come in and say "I've driven past this place a zillion times and finally decided to see for myself." It truly warms our heart to hear that sheer curiosity gets people coming down our driveway, and if you find yourself this year saying "I want to do more things I don't normally do" then we are more than happy to oblige. We know we're a bit off the beaten path and frankly we like it that way. We love the look of wonder some of our customers get in their face when they come through the door. So get off the beaten path, come to our shop and see where curiosity in 2018 can take you. 

We're all so happy to be entering a New Year of new possibilities, and we hope to see you all soon.